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HUGE favor-Update May. 4th, 2006 @ 12:49 pm
i have found people to watch Nicole next week. although i know most of you would of liked to help i know you are busy and have real lives with jobs and such. i will be at Riverside hospital for those wanting to come see me and the baby i just ask for you to wait until later Friday evening or until Saturday. im having a major abdominal surgery and will need time to recover. enemia sucks ass. all are welcome to stop by and visit just make sure you wash your hands realy well. ill see you guys on saturday at the show.

thanks guys
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HUGE favor May. 2nd, 2006 @ 05:07 pm
i know this is kinda short notice, but i need someone to do me a huge favor. i need a responsible adult that loves kids to watch my daughter for me early next friday morning through saturday mid to late-ish morning. preferably as cheap as possible. i go in for my c section at 5:30 am on friday may 12. i will be in the hospital till monday at least. but i will only need someone to watch her in the morning till after the c section and i get some rest, then again when she is sleeping and Craig goes to work friday night through saturday, so Craig can get some sleep.

ill leave you a schedual. its pretty basic. but here is the simple outline.

730-830 some where in there she will wake up
breakfast with her vitamin
get dressed
play watch cartoons read
1130-12 ish lunch
as soon as shes done is nap time
(put her in a diaper)
about 230 she'll wake up
530 ish start dinner
6ish eat dinner
8pm bathtime
9pm bedtime

durring the day youll need to help her go potty, she can do it mostly by herself but will need some help wiping her bottom and getting redressed take her outside to play if the weather is good, give her snacks between meals, feed her meals she can feed herself for the most part may need some help if its difficult to get on the fork or spoon, discapline her, we dont spank or smack hands, she gets a warning then goes into time out if she continues to act up she gets a toy or two taken away if she still acts up she goes for time out on her bed. any questions you have ill answer. please if you can do this let me know. im desperate but not so desperate that i wont be a little picky about who watches her. its no offense to anyone personally i just have to look out for my baby. im sure you guys understand.

thanks everyone
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Hoopla, Dayton! Apr. 27th, 2006 @ 12:06 am

EDIT: 4/28 at 4:30pm

The Final Countdown....

I will be picking up Paul, Saturday morning.

Cora, Gabe, and Dom will be meeting at my place.

We are leaving around 1pm, and heading out to Jeffersonville, for lunch and shopping.

Getting to Seann's place around 3 or so, and then the evening begins.

As of now, James is driving himself at a later time, and everyone else is unable to make it.

However, this is still an open invitation...

Just now, you need to make your own arrangements. It's only a 45 minute drive.

And if not, we'll see you at Showtunes, on Sunday night....usually around 8:30pm, is when we get there.
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Dayton Dossier Apr. 24th, 2006 @ 03:33 pm
Ok, update time...

At last count, these people have expressed interest in going:

Myself, Dom, Cora, Gabe, Melody, Liz, Paul, James, and Laura.

Sean has said that we can be at their house at 3pm, and it's roughly an hour drive. What do you think about meeting around 1, and that way we can go get lunch, and take our time getting there?

As it stands right now, we should all be able to fit in both mine and Dom's cars. Both of us can fit up to 4 people, aside from us in the driver's seat. If we ended up getting 2 or more new people, we'll need an extra car.

I think everyone can drive, except for Melody and Liz. So, I can pick you both up if needed. I have to run out to Easton in the morning, and I can cut through downtown on the way back home. Would everyone else be able to drive out to my place or Dom's?

Please let us know.
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Meat Loaf: To Hell And Back Apr. 23rd, 2006 @ 09:58 am
The VH1 movie about the life and times of Meat Loaf, is airing on VH1 again.
April 26, 2006 at 1am.

They even include him making his scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I love what "Jim Steinman" says during that scene.

Just wanted to let you know about this.
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Other entries
» Dayton, USA
Hey all -

On Saturday, April 29, we are planning a field trip to Dayton to watch their Rocky Horror cast, known as The Dayton Affair. It's the 5th week of this month, so there isn't a show for Rocky, nor Hedwig. For those of you that were in Shock Treatment, you should remember Katie, Sean, and Jeremy. And for those of you that come out to Showtunes, you might remember Carol.

As of right now, both Dom and I are driving, and we are planning on staying there over night. There is a Holiday Inn in the area, and if you want to crash there, that's fine. We're thinking if everybody chipped in $10, that should cover it.

Time is yet to be determined, as to when we are leaving. We still have to get in touch with the locals to see what activities we can do before the show. The admission to the show is $5. However, if you come in Rocky Horror costume, it's $3. Prop bags and AP scripts are available at the show for $1. AP scrips, of course, can be downloaded for free, from their site as well.

If would like to join us on the trip to "the Mecca of America and the Bethlehem of the West", please leave a comment, so we have an idea of how many are coming with us. Also, if we have car overflow, we may need more drivers as well. Please let us if you would be willing to do that too.
» Lost N Found
Hey! You people!

At the last Rocky, Erik's trench coat was misplaced. We have contacted Studio 35 numerous times and they have searched for it. It still has not been found. I was wondering if by any chance a cast member has taken it home with them or put it up somewhere else.
The coat is long and black with a silver/grayish lining on the inside. Please let me know ASAP if anyone has it or not.



You could just comment here.
» yay party!
In case you haven't seen the email...

Gabe and I are hosting the pre-GalleryHop/ pre-Rocky party this saturday!

When: 6:30-10:30pm THIS SATURDAY

Where: Ask someone! Putting my addy on the web is not so safe! coramandragora@yahoo.com!

What: Free shit! Gabe is grilling various dead things and I'm providing various alcohols! Yay!

Who: YOU! And everyone else too! Invite friends!

Wombat: A better "W" word than "Why".

Be there or be quadrilateral.
» (No Subject)
Hey guys, this is a copy of the Email Ant sent out, in case you did not get it!


The next show is the switch show. all those who want to be a part of that show email me. We will draw who you will be playing that night during preshow. You can dress as your typical character, or everyone can bring various costumes and after the draw at the beginning of the show put your costumes together. so email me if you want to be part of the show, remember those who did NOT perform during the bondage show have priority in the switch show.


I heard people are saying they are playing at Marcon, I have not selected the cast who will be performing at Marcon. If you want to perform at Marcon let me know. and remember those who have been with the cast the longest will perform the roles. Sorry we cannot share the roles like Halloween,

let me know if i do not hear from you by April 28th I will assume you do not want to be in the Switch show and the dead line to respond to me by April 13th I will assume you do not want to go to Marcon.

» I am finally going back!
I am going this Saturday and I have not been since Marcon of 2004. Is everything the same? What time should I be there? and is there a special theme? Thanks.
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