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YAY for special announcements!!!! - The Fishnet Mafia

About YAY for special announcements!!!!

Previous Entry YAY for special announcements!!!! Jul. 27th, 2006 @ 10:27 am Next Entry
come see Oblivions Wife and Kids on August 12th in Fremont Ohio!!!!! i am going to be doing a guest spot with their cast that night. I would love it if soem of our cast came to see them in action as they have come to see us play a few times. contact me for more info. as of righ tnow i just know that i need to show up lol!! but i am uber excited for this opportunity to join in with other Rocky fans and do what we do best PARTY HARDY!!! Hopefull some of us can come ad watch and enjoy the show.

hope to see you there!!
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